Marvin Meyer is a pure contemporary artist. He does not set any limits in his work. He does not pursue any particular style of his own, does not subordinate himself to any patterns. He works independently of the currents and trends in art and refuses any pressure to conform. His oeuvre includes abstract paintings, objects & sculptures, photographs & graphics, up to installations.

Marvin Meyer produces „pure art.“ He learns exclusively from his own experiences. “It is all inherent in every human being. Therefore, a teaching outside is not necessary. Art can only remain pure through its own creation without influencing it. Through constant training and many years of experience I have gained the knowledge and am convinced that something always comes to light that touches me emotionally. This also creates a whole range of very different works,“ he explains.

Meyer doesn’t think much of the recognition value. Some of his works are similar, but his goal is always to create something new. „That’s the only way I can renew myself, reinvent myself. For me, this is the greatest and noblest task in my art.“ Meyer courageously faces the adventure of art every day. He is eager to experiment, takes a playful approach to his work. As a result, completely different works emerge time and again. „That is exciting for me and appealing to the viewer,“ he explains. This way of working also gave rise to his slogan „new art for new spaces.“ The word „space“ is deliberately ambiguous. It stands for space for something new. Space for those who dare to enter a new space in their lives, but also for those who want to redesign and/or redecorate their existing spaces. Everything is allowed!

Marvin Meyer has a clear mission: to pass on enthusiasm and fascination, to convey that art is fun. Life is fun.

He doesn’t want to send out grandiose, intellectually laid out chains of words with tricky thoughts into the world. In this respect, he is like Gerhard Richter, who once said in an interview: „Talking about painting makes no sense. By conveying something with language, one changes it. You construct those qualities that can be spoken and suppress those that can’t be spoken – but which are always the most important.“ Meyer’s work does not need explanations that are difficult to understand, for they are expressive and speak for themselves. Nothing is further from his mind than to overlay them with words and stories. He leaves the interpretation to the viewers.

„My art can be fun for everyone. It is meant for everyone. Art must again reach the breadth of society. The crucial thing is that I can inspire people with my art who want to be inspired by it.“

Meyer’s work is exhibited exclusively in his own listed rooms at 69 Waldstraße. „This is the only way to ensure that I can pass on the power that comes from pure art.“

Since Meyer is an aesthete, he always gives his paintings, objects & sculptures, photographs & prints, and installations the right setting for a worthy presentation. Each work is given the perfect stage to make a grand entrance.

Dare something new, go on a treasure hunt in Meyer’s Art Cosmos.